6 Effective Ways To Lock A Door Without A Lock In 2021

How to lock a door without a lock from the outside? It seems strenuous but there are tons of ways to lock the door without a lock. Why do you need to look for these ways? There could be several reasons like you lost the key of your door lock somewhere, or the weather affected the lock badly, or you could also say that the kids disfigure the lock while playing.

On the other hand, you might look for the door lock ways in case of emergencies. You want to secure your bedroom, bathroom, some valuable items, and because of the safety purpose of your house.

How to lock a door without a lock with Pros & Cons

For instance, your house door lock got damaged, and you called the locksmith to come and fix this, but it might take time. So, at this time, you need temporary locks that keep your house safe from intruders or thieves.

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Lock A Door Without A lock

In this article, you will find out the super easy ways how to keep a door shut without a lock. We will mention all the ways of keeping your door shut with the possible pros and cons for your ease and convenience. There are a lot of ways to lock a door without a lock but here we will discuss only the 6 most effective ways through which you can lock a door without a lock.

  • Lock the door with a fork
  • Lock the door through barricades
  • Lock the door through the belt
  • Use a portable lock
  • Remove the handle from outside
  • Use a door wedge to lock a door

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1. Locking the door with a fork

The fork is the mandatory tableware, but you can also use it for security purposes. However, shutting the door with the fork is the quick and effortless way in the condition when you immediately need an alternative to the damaged lock of your room door. Hence, this method is not workable for the main gates or garage gates because it can’t bear much force.

lock a door with a fork

It is a non-permanent way of locking your room or bathroom door with a fork. But make sure that this fork is not in your use because it needs a few amendments and changes. So, look at the process of how to lock your door with a fork or how we can convert the fork into the lock.

Firstly, bend the end of the fork’s teeth with the help of a plier or hammer. Secondly, separate the handle of the fork from the teeth portion. Be careful while cutting the handle of the fork because it has sharp ends that might hurt you. So, the fork lock is ready now, it is time to fix this lock in the door.

Firstly, open the door and then fix the head of the fork at the side of the door, and then close the door. Secondly, place the handle of the fork in between the teeth of the fork. However, this is the comprehensive guide of locking the door with the help of a fork. But still, it not safe enough to keep the intruders away from your house. Hence, it is a beneficial way of locking the room door for some time as it cannot bear much force like a kick.

  • The perfect way to keep your valuables safe
  • The best solution temporarily
  • Cannot bear much force
  • Not workable for garage and main gates

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2. Block the door with the use of a barricade

How to lock a door without a lock from the inside? You can face this problem when you are at home or while voyaging or traveling. For instance, you have a tight budget, and you are staying in the local hotel or hostel which don’t have locks on the door. In this situation, you need a way of blocking the door and keeping valuables safe from intruders.

lock the door through barricades

Locking the door with a barricade is the best way to keep your door shut from the inside. But it’s not workable from outside because the barricades will be visible for intruders so they can easily displace them. So, this method is only effective when you block the door from the inside of your room.

Barricades include heavy furniture, closet, chairs, and beds, etc. Using a dining chair as a barricade is the most effective way because the chairs are easily available at home, and these are lightweight. So, you can easily displace them.

 Here is the complete guide to locking the door with the help of a chair. It’s best if your door has the lever because you can fix the chair under the lever, and this will be difficult to move it for intruders, but you can also place the chair under the doorknob as it is effective too.

But the office chairs are perfect as a barricade because their height is adjustable. Short height chairs are not workable. On the other hand, how to lock a door with a sock is a frequently asked question, and you can also use the sock, cloth, or piece of the towel as a barrier.

Moreover, the security devices are the perfect thing for a damaged lock while traveling, because it will not be thrilling for your host to displace the heavy furniture of their rooms. So, at this time, you can use security devices like dowel sticks and security bars as a lock. More, you can use the piece of cardboard as well. Stick the piece of cardboard on the door from the inside. You can use metallic locks and door alarms as well.

  • Cost-effective
  • easy to setup
  • Keep the valuables safe from intruders
  • It can bear more force than the fork
  • It is only applicable from the inside.
  • It is only a temporarily solution.

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3. Lock the door with the help of the belt

If the lock of your bathroom got defective, then you can use a belt to keep your door shut. On the other hand, some of the offices, schools, and commercial areas have auto-shut doors, and, in any emergency, you need to shut that doors then you can also get benefit from your belt. Mostly, the bathroom doors have a hook and if your bathroom has a hook and handle then here you will get the answer of how to lock a door with a belt.

lock the door with a belt

There are two different ways of using the belt as a lock. In the first method, you can lock the bathroom door if it has a hook on it. Keep in mind the hook is mandatory. However, stretch the belt between the handle of the door and the hook. When an intruder tries to open the door, the handle will not move, and the door’s bolt will not displace.

In this way, you can keep your bathroom door shut for a short time. On the other hand, if you have the auto shut door, then stretch the belt between the handles of both the doors and tie the belt tightly. However, this method is also workable for a short time.

  • Require less time for set up
  • Cost-effective
  • Only applicable for specific doors which has a hook or two handles

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4. Use a Portable lock

Portable locks are uses for security purposes, and it is perfect for travelers. These are easy to install and doesn’t require much time but it is workable from the inswing doors. You can also find a portable door lock from outside, but still, it has pretty important for inside doors.

These are the perfect match for your need in the hotel’s rooms, hostels, and these locks can bear the force and keep the doors firmly closed. There could be many types of portable doors but here we will discuss only three that will be quick to install and cost-effective.

use a portable lock to lock a door

A traveler security lock is perfect for traveling purposes, and it is easy to carry because of its small weight. You can quickly and conveniently install it like addalock, but it can bear more force than addalock and works more efficiently than another lock.

Although it locks the door from inside, and you have to fix it on the door and the frame. It does not require any door changes, but there will be a little gap between the door and the frame, but no need to worry this gap will be as small as a thin line. No one can see inside the door because of this tiny gap.

Addalock is a portable lock, and it is easy to install and works efficiently for all types of doors. Door bull is another type of portable lock, but you can also say it a barricade because you need to stick it on the door and the frame.

  • Applicable for all types of doors
  • Quick installation
  • Lightweight
  • Limit for inswing doors, but some portable locks are also available for front doors
  • It will make the leaving and entering process difficult

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5. Remove the handle from the outside

How to lock a door from the outside? Remove the handle from the front door with the help of a screwdriver will keep your door shut from the outside, but this method can be quite dangerous because it will limit your entering and leaving process in any case of emergencies. Moreover, it is viable only when you have some specific tools like a screwdriver.

Remove the handle to handle to lock a door without a lock

More, you need to know about the latch system of the door lock. The handle retracts the latch of the door but if you remove it, then no one can open it from the outside. So, all you need to do is to unscrew the screws on the plate of the handle with the help of the screwdriver, then remove the plate and find some hidden screws too.

 Remove the doorknob from the latch system, but you have to fix it again in the end when you want to go somewhere. So, always go for this method when you have another option for an emergency. No worries if you don’t have a screwdriver because you can use some other tools like a paper clip, bobby pins, fork, and knife. But you can consider this an effective method of how to lock your door without a lock in case of emergency.

  • Easy to do with the screwdriver
  • It is applicable both inside and outside of the door
  • Limit your entrance and leaving process

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6. Lock the door with the help of a door wedge

Door wedge is another type of barricade, but you don’t need to buy it as it is easily available at home or in your surroundings. However, this could be the perfect way of blocking the door, but it depends on the side from where the door opens.

Use a door wedge to lock a door

The door wedge keeps the door open, but you can also use it to keep your door shut. Place the doorstop or door wedge at the bottom of the door on the opposite side from where the door opens and stick this wedge here.

 The intruder can’t open your door as it can bear more force than any other temporary lock. Moreover, if you don’t have the door wedge at home then you can use other things like your shoe, or many other things. Further, you can place these door wedges under the doorknobs that prevent the movement of the door. The only negative thing about this door wedge is that it will limit your entry into the room.

  • Easily available for blocking purpose
  • Can use these door wedges as door handles
  • It is only applicable from the inside of the door

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Final Verdict

How to lock a garage door from the outside? How to lock a door without a lock? These are the questions, you need to find in emergency conditions, like when your door lock is not workable. All these methods are for temporary use and perfect for traveling purposes.

By using these methods, you can secure your valuable things from intruders and in case when you can’t fix your door lock immediately. We also discuss all the benefits and drawbacks of these six methods that will efficiently work for you. Hopefully, you will find the most effective and easy method from this article for you that will secure your house from outsiders.

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